Prices per month

Beginners class - once a week 75-90 min - 290 NIS

One class a week 90 min - 310 NIS

One class a week 120 min/ Group Medical (Thursday) - 390 NIS

Two classes a week  - 470510 NIS

Two classes a week 90 + 120 min - 600 NIS

One medical class a week - 550 NIS

For more prices and special prices for students (till age 30) contact us

Prices for a single class

One class - beginners level - 85 NIS (first class - 70 NIS)

One class 90 min - 100 NIS (first class - 80 NIS)

One class 120 - 120 NIS (first class - 100 NIS)

One medical class - 170 NIS



  • prices per month are for students that register for a specific class for the entire teaching period (till June 2020).

  • prices per individual month (without registration) are 110% the regular price. 

  • if class is missed it is possible to make up and arrive to a different class within the same month (excluding medical classes). 

  • upon informing us in advance (before the end of current month) for leaving/absence you will receive back checks that were not deposited. 

  • Medical classes (Individual - Tuesday, Group - Thursday)  - a three months commitment.

  • Thursday Medical classes is open for those who suffer from light medical problems such as neck/back/knees pain that is not severe. 



New Students

  • additional class for free in the first month.

  • eligible to pay for the first month individually while keeping regular prices.


Pre-class instructions

  • avoiding food 3 hours before practice is recommended.

  • leave your shoes at the entrance.

  • don’t enter the studio with food or drinks

  • help us keep the mats and props clean - maintain personal cleanliness and make sure your feet is clean before entering the studio (we have wet wipes at the entrance for that).

  • let the teacher know about any medical problem. 

  • during menstruation women don’t perform certain poses - let the teacher know before class if you’re menstruating. 

  • put your mobile phone on silent/flight mode before the beginning of the class (not on vibration) - phone calls inside the studio are strictly prohibited.