Payment and policy

  • prices per month are for students that register for a specific class for the entire teaching period (till June 2019). Between July 7th and October 31th (17 weeks in total) the studio will be working in a special classes and payments method.

  • The classes subscription is valid only during the summer period. no refunds for classes that were not taken during this period.

  • 10% discount for new students

* Full-time students, till age 30.

** 20 and 30 classes subscriptions are in student price for participants in our centers practice and teachers course


Pre-class instructions

  • avoiding food 3 hours before practice is recommended.

  • leave your shoes at the entrance.

  • don’t enter the studio with food or drinks

  • help us keep the mats and props clean - maintain personal cleanliness and make sure your feet is clean before entering the studio (we have wet wipes at the entrance for that).

  • let the teacher know about any medical problem. 

  • during menstruation women don’t perform certain poses - let the teacher know before class if you’re menstruating. 

  • put your mobile phone on silent/flight mode before the beginning of the class (not on vibration) - phone calls inside the studio are strictly prohibited.

 Location || מיקום

המרכז נמצא ברחוב המחוגה 5,

בשכונת פלורנטין, תל אביב.

The center is located in

 HaMekhuga st. 5


Tel Aviv        

Tel: 052-5000367

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